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Beef Empire

foodSpencer Hung
Beef Empire

I have love-hate relationship with Japanese TV programs about their local restaurants. Love to see the food but hate it when I realize I am probably not going to eat it ever. 

The perfectly roasted beef glisten under the spotlight and the egg yolk is begging me to break it lose...

I think it must be last year when I watched a Japanese TV program introducing this "roast beef don". It was a mountain of glorious pinkish rare roast beef toped with raw egg yolk and drizzled with yogurt dressing. I could only imagine how good it must taste. That bowl of roast beef must have made a deep impression in my mind. During my trip to Nagoya, I just finished my lunch at a miso tonkatsu place I have googled. It was good but nothing worth writing about, literally. As I walk towards the subway station, I caught something pinkish with a yellow spot at the corner of my eye. It is THE roast beef don! I just finished lunch but the decision was easy, I walked right into the restaurant. The restaurant is appropriately named "Niku no Kuni" literally means "meat country" They didn't have a lot to chose from in the menu. I, of course picked the roast beef don and picked size. I was asked if I wanted to make it into set meal and I quickly declined. 

It didn't take too long for the bowl to arrive and there is it. Something I saw on TV is right in-front of my eyes. It felt like I saw a celebrity in person. The perfectly roasted, thinly sliced beef glisten under the spotlight and the egg yolk is begging me to break it lose so I did. The beef was cold and tender which matches well with the steamy hot rice. The onion based dressing give the roast beef the sweetness it needed but not overpowering the beef flavour. It was insanely good. 

Remember, I walked in the restaurant with a full stomach but I still finish it and wanting for more. If you are like me, saw this roast beef don on TV, next time when you are in Nagoya, make sure you taste it in person as well.







ニクのクニ (niku no kuni)

Address : 3 Chome-30-29 Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0011, Japan

Hours : 11am - 10pm Monday to Sunday